Men's Motion 10
Men's Motion 10
Men's Motion 10
Men's Motion 10
Men's Motion 10
Men's Motion 10

Men's Motion 10


Evolved Sustainability, Energetic Stability

Introducing our new sustainable Motion 10.  We have examined all of our materials and have re-engineered our shoes to be better for the environment without losing their performance.  We are using recycled materials wherever we can throughout the shoe.  From the Laces to the Mesh, we are taking plastic bottles out of the landfills and back into our shoes.  A pair of our shoes uses 4 bottles worth of recycled plastic.

The Motion 10 adds enhanced stability control to the amazing cushioning, comfort, and responsiveness of the legendary Gravity. Its additional support will keep you running smooth and fast every step of the way.

Men's Motion 10 Details:


Weight: 249g
Drop: 3.0mm
Support: Stability


*2nd Density Medial Support
*New Sustainable Materials
*Anatomically Designed 3-D Engineered Air Mesh
*Seamless Upper Construction
*Minimalistic Articulated Throat Opening
*Incredible Breathability
*Skeletized Tongue
*Soft Tongue and Quarter Lining
*Technical Flat Laces


*Performance Action Reaction Technology Package
*Full Foot Cushioning With 2nd Density Medial Support
*Newtonium Cushioning System
*Tactical Flex Grooves to Mirror Foot Motion
*Responsive and Agile Performance

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Stability, Performance and Cushioning

The Motion 10 is the stability version of our most versatile road shoe. Designed to help you run smoother, more efficiently, and just plain better; it’s the perfect shoe for for those who want a little more support in everything from training to race day. Run bold with springy and supportive cushion.

Motion 10