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Newton Running's Standard Return.

Third Party Purchases 

Purchases made through a 3rd Party channel (That are not purchased in Australia ) are not eligible for return.

To return Newton shoes purchased through

Return authorizations are required for all exchanges and returns. Contact Performance Sports Distribution (07 55687573)

To exchange/return Newton shoes purchased at a Australian retailer.

Simply contact the retail partner through whom you purchased your Newtons, Retail partners all maintain their own return and exchange policies, so purchases made through a retail channel are subject to that retailer’s policy. 

Warranty Claim

In case of defective items, please send the below information to

  • First and last name
  • Proof of purchase (scanned receipt or bank statement)
  • Date of purchase
  • Approximate mileage
  • Primary use (running, walking, gym use, etc.)
  • Picture of the damaged or defective area
  • Picture of the outsole
  • Style number from patch sewn into tongue
  • Brief description of the damaged or defective area

With this information, we will consider your situation, and we will reply to you via email. 

*We reserve the right to change these policies without notice and to limit sales or returns in situations of overuse or abuse of our exchange policy.

Please Note:

When used as intended, Newton Running shoes have a life expectancy of 550 – 800KM, or about three to six months. The Newton MV3 and Tri Racer are racing flats, and their life expectancy is 250 – 400 km, or about three to six months.

Newton Running Australia is proud to offer the best Customer Service in the industry, and we enjoy helping our customers on a daily basis. If we can assist with anything further, please contact us directly at 07 55687573, Monday through Friday 9 am - 5 pm.

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