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Unlock your best run.

To improve running efficiency, and thereby reduce the chance of injury, Newton Running recommends several running techniques that can unlock big improvements and compliment the Newton ride.



Stand tall, with a slight lean forward. Focus on leaning slightly forward, and keeping your feet under your body at all times. Focus on landing with your feet parallel to the ground, directly under your body (mimic how you would run barefoot)



Foot should land level to the ground. Start by looking straight ahead with confidence; keep your head up and your core engaged. Hold your arms at 90-degree angles, close to your body, and pull your elbows straight back.



Take quick steps, targeting 180 steps/minute.
Cadence plays a big role in staying injury free. Optimal run cadence is in the ballpark of 180 steps per minute. Many runners have to shorten their stride a bit to get into the 180 zone. That’s okay—it’s a little gentler on the body!

Want to learn more about good running form?

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